Prairie Telegraph Digital Marketing

Build a Stronger Brand with

Strategic Marketing


The sky is the limit when it comes to marketing tactics. But you’ve got to start somewhere. Let us help you build strong foundations for your brand with research, audits, and strategy.

Take the First Step

Whether you need a dedicated team or special project support, our strategy-first process ensures you can delegate and save time, confident your project is in capable hands.

We can help you with the blue sky thinking and unique solutions to help you reach your best customers. Our team at Prairie Telegraph will help you create authentic marketing that is true to you, your brand, and your customers.

Research + Data + Experience = Strategic Marketing



Start with a marketing audit.

We begin my inspecting your current digital efforts – website, social media, and email – to determine if your sending the right messages to the right audiences.


Get Set.

Create a marketing roadmap.

We’ll research industry trends, review the competitive landscape, and plot out your brand’s positioning to determine a path forward.

Let’s Go.

Implement . Evaluate. Repeat.

Promote your brand on a consistent and reliable basis with proven marketing and communications tactics. Stay on track with regular evaluation and monitoring. Attract, convert, delight, and repeat.

The first step in working together is coming together to discuss your business. We’ll talk about your goals for your business and your marketing, as well as your existing online presence. We want to know all about your ideal client, how they find you and why they choose your products or services.