Thanks for stopping in! I’m Jennifer, lead strategist of Prairie Telegraph Digital Marketing.

As digital marketers, engaging our services means…

… you have your cake and eat it, too.

… you can go outside and still get ‘er done.

… you can grow a business and a family.

All to say, we support you in working to live rather than the other way round.

I bring wide and varied experience to the table.

I went to college to be a radio DJ, because I wanted to do radio promotions. Ended up doing traffic in a one-horse small town in Alberta, selling couches and chickens on the Tradio and playing country songs of heartache and hangovers. Then I sort of slid on over into the promotions spot I always wanted, doing cut-ins at the local rodeo and organizing the regional talent contest.

From there I moved to corporate, then non-profit, then a small independent publishing company, then non-profit again, before I officially struck out on my own. Far more years than you or I really need to count later, I am still planning events and selling chickens. Now I do it via Facebook ads, sales funnels, and social media posts. I managed to hold on to the small-town everyone’s-my-neighbour attitude, too.

Will we click?

I love going outside, and I support causes like animals, nature and our environment. On the Colours spectrum I’m green but if you’re more into Myers-Briggs, I’m an INFJ. That means I’m thoughtful and have strong values which I’ve developed after making many, many mistakes. And, obviously, I’m introspective.

I believe in balance – time spent in the office and time spent outside of it. I’m happy to share the ways I get my family outdoors, my thoughts on marketing and my favourite local haunts and products.

Our team is international, from all over Canada, the US, and beyond. We use contractors who specialize on the tools and resources you need to ensure the best possible outcome. I trust these folks with my own business, as well as yours, though we use tools like LastPass to maintain password confidentiality. I will be your main point of contact for our work together.

Wha… There’s no prairies in the Atlantic time zone…

I’m originally from Alberta, and currently live in New Brunswick. When I began my blog, I was writing home to the prairies and it was a bit of a lifeline in my homesickness. That experience gave me the resources and confidence to move from side gigs to my own small business. I wanted a name for my fledgling company that would grow with me. Well, that and my own last name is a teensy bit indecipherable.

A few things I’m proud of:

  • I work internationally – my clients come from Canada, the US, Australia, India – and then there are the nomads who could be any place at this very moment.
  • I was hired within the first month of my radio college internship.
  • It took ten years to get my Bachelors degree in Communications, but I did it – with honours!
  • My kids are excellent travelers AND they like vegetables. The vegetable bit is slightly more impressive because I do not.
  • I make the perfect chocolate chip cookie – and they’re so good, I go easy on the chipits.

If you’re not as interested in cookies as you are my resume, you can also find me on LinkedIn.

Let’s discuss further, shall we?