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Engaging our services to market your business means…

… focusing on your zone of genius and not doing all the things by yourself.

… taking time away from your desk with the confidence your business will stay productive.

… growing a business while maintaining relationships with friends and family.

All to say, we support you in working to live — no more living just to work.

Founder Jennifer Bosch Gyuricska brings her wide and varied experience to the table.

Jennifer went to college to be a radio DJ, because she wanted to do radio promotions. She ended up scheduling advertising traffic in a one-horse small town, selling couches and chickens on the ‘Tradio’ and playing country songs of heartache and hangovers. From there, Jennifer sort of slid on over into the promotions spot she always wanted, doing cut-ins at the local rodeo and organizing the regional talent contest.

From such auspicious beginnings, Jennifer moved into corporate marketing, then non-profit. She worked at a small independent publishing company when she moved from the prairies to Canada’s East Coast, then non-profit again, before officially striking out on her own. Far more years than you or I really need to count later, Jennifer is still planning events and selling chickens. Now, she does it via Facebook ads, sales funnels, and blog posts. Throughout this journey, Jennifer has managed to hold on to her friendly, small-town everyone’s-my-neighbour attitude.

Will we click?

We believe in harmony – time spent in the office and time spent outside of it. It is our goal for our clients is for them to feel confident in stepping away from the desk, confident in their marketing. We want you to feel able to focus on your zone of genius and fully enjoy your free time.

Our main office hours are in the Eastern time zone. We are closed most Canadian statutory holidays. We perform the majority of our client meetings via Zoom as we believe face-to-face conversation is the most effective mode of clear communication. We use ClickUp as our project management tool of choice and can invoice in USD or CAD, depending on your business location.

Our team is international, from all over Canada, the US, and beyond. We use contractors who specialize on the tools and resources you need to ensure the best possible outcome. We trust these folks with our own business, as well as yours, though we do have systems and tools like LastPass to maintain your confidentiality.

What have the prairies got to do with it?

Our founder, Jennifer, is originally from Alberta and currently lives in Ontario. When Jennifer began her first blog, she was writing home to the prairies as a bit of a lifeline in her homesickness. That first step into the online world gave Jennifer the resources and confidence to move from marketing side gigs to her own small business. She wanted a name for her fledgling company that would grow with her.

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