Prairie Telegraph Digital Marketing

Engaging our services to market your business means…

… focusing on your zone of genius and not doing all the things by yourself.

… taking time away from your desk with the confidence your business will stay productive.

… growing a business while maintaining harmony with life outside of work.

Every project begins with an audit or strategy to ensure that we are on the same page. More importantly, this ensures we are on the same page as your customers. We use data from your website, social, advertising, and email marketing analytics as well as software to review your search engine ranking. Once we’ve mapped out your road forward, we begin implementation. Our monthly reporting ensures we remain on track and optimize the content and efforts that are doing well.

Our Values

1. Grace

We believe that the true knowledge of marketing stems from experimentation, testing hypotheses to see what’s true. And what isn’t it. Which means that mistakes are more than okay. Mistakes are important and we should make them.

2. Community

We believe that we are better together, that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that lighting your candle does not diminish the brightness of mine. We seek to develop relationships, to create conversations, and build communities.

3. Leadership

We believe we are all global citizens and to be a citizen is to be a leader. Not only will we act with authenticity, vulnerability, and integrity, but we will also seek opportunities to continue our growth and to surround ourselves with other thoughtful leaders.

Our Team

Founder Jennifer Bosch Gyuricska brings her wide and varied experience to the table.

Jennifer went to college to be a radio DJ, because she wanted to do radio promotions. She ended up scheduling advertising traffic in a one-horse small town, selling couches and chickens on the ‘Tradio’ and playing country songs of heartache and hangovers.

From such auspicious beginnings, Jennifer moved into corporate marketing working with financial institutions, non-profits, and small businesses. She received her degree in Business Professional Arts – Communications Studies from Athabasca University in 2015. She became a Certified Associate Project Manager in 2021.

Far more years than you or I really need to count later, Jennifer is still planning events and selling chickens. Now, she does it via social media, sales funnels, and blog posts. Throughout this journey, Jennifer has managed to hold on to her friendly, small-town everyone’s-my-neighbour attitude.

Kiyoko Sophia is an Offer Architect who specializes in sales funnel strategy.

Kiyoko works with wellness coaches to create the online infrastructure needed to sell their online courses and services.

This means she’s worked with her clients on building their sales pages, making the tech “work,” and helping them launch.  She loves collaborating with her clients to better understand the audience’s conscious and subconscious beliefs so the client can start communicating in a way that resonates.

She geeks out on all things psychology and personal development. In her free time, she loves to play pickleball with her husband, spends lots of time on arts and crafts, and finding yummy recipes to try. 

Do you have a strategy to market your business?