Prairie Telegraph Digital Marketing

What Clients Say…

Stacy Fredericks worked with Prairie Telegraph to create a social media strategy that helped her consistently show up and grow her audience across platforms.

"It made me feel like I didn't have to worry or stress about showing up on social media. I never had to wonder what to post. It was relieving to have that taken off my plate."

"My needs were in marketing, getting my name and business “out there” and connecting with the local community. [Jennifer] presented strategies and walked me through the benefits of each of them. I went in feeling overwhelmed and Jennifer made it easy for me. She listened to my needs and formulated a plan that made sense for me to execute."

Cherie Faus-SmithCherie Faus-SmithCherie Smith Global Inc.

"You truly don't know what it means to me having you write the copy for my website.  It freed up a lot of time for me and my frustration levels dropped.  You're an amazing writer and looking forward to working with you again."

"Jennifer is more than willing to ensure the work she does is completed to my expectations. You know that she is there for you and supporting you in your goals. I sense she does this with a smile."

Vidya RaviVidya RaviVR Digital

Vidya is the founder of VR Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency. Jennifer assists Vidya with email marketing, copywriting, technical tasks and building funnels.

"You will go above and beyond to help complete the projects with efficiency. I can count on you for anything in my project and I am really glad that I made the best decision by hiring you."

April LewisApril LewisApril D. Lewis

April is an Online Business Specialist who connected with Jennifer through Facebook. Jennifer and April have worked together on social media graphics, developing lead magnets and printables, and social media management.

"Jennifer is timely, professional, a great communicator, and follows up even after the project to make sure everything went ok on the implementation end."

Danielle WindersDanielle WindersMeant for More

Prairie Telegraph provided proofreading and editing of her first blog posts for Dani's website.

"You have everything I want in a collaborator. You are prompt and efficient. You follow-up right on time. My writing can be personal and it makes me vulnerable to share this work; I cannot tell you how much it meant to me that you were so kind and supportive during the process. I also wasn't expecting how much extra input you gave about the organizational structure of some of the posts. That kind of insight was and is so valuable to me and my process. You asked one thing that people should know - I would say - You're the WHOLE package! And you blew me away. Ok, that's two things, but I can't say just one."

Christa was looking for help with Facebook Ads and social media scheduling:

"I needed VA help for some upcoming projects, and you offered to go above and beyond!! Your work and the quality of your work greatly exceeded my expectations! You are very prompt and deliver exactly what you promise and more!"

Maureen BallatoriMaureen Ballatori

Maureen of 29 Design Studio needed help with a few simple tasks so she could regain focus on more complex projects:

"Working with you was great. For every conversation, I felt that no matter how flustered I was, you were always calm, collected, and able to determine the best way to proceed. I also like that we used the same online systems for bookkeeping (Freshbooks)."

Shelley is a Success Coach for conscious entrepreneurs. She worked with Prairie Telegraph to develop her brand using images and social media marketing.

"Jennifer is efficient with time and happy to get on the phone as needed... Jennifer is great at writing copy and creating a social media presence."

"I was in need of a logo. Having no experience in Photoshop, the designs I was trying to put together were subpar at best. Jennifer was able to probe me to find out exactly what I was looking for, then quickly put together a plethora of options for me to choose from. Jennifer had the knowledge, professionalism and skillset of exactly what I needed. Jennifer has a very quick turn around time, great communication and did beautiful work."