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This post is the second in this series. Learn more about the buyer’s journey and what it entails in ‘The Buyer’s Journey: Awareness’.

The second stage of the buyer’s journey is consideration.

The first stage of the journey began as your potential client recognized a need or want. This stage is tied in closely to their ‘pain points’, or places in their lives where they are experiencing friction. 

For example, a client with an itchy, scratchy throat is becoming aware they are getting ill. The point being that they are AWARE of the discomfort but haven’t begun to consider the solution.

Consideration begins with a search for answers. 

Your potential buyer doesn’t know what the problem with their throat is exactly – they may have been yelling at a party the night before or their children may have recently returned to school after a summer break. Or maybe they watched ‘The Notebook’ last night and had themselves a good cry. 

As they consider these reasons, the answer should include your unique methodology or product options. Perhaps your lozenge is organic or made with all-natural ingredients or the most powerful medicine. Whichever it is, for your buyer’s consideration to work in your favour, you should outline who your product or service provides the best possible outcome.

Perhaps you are a yogi whose customer is experiencing headaches. As you create content for this potential participant, your brainstorming should include all the symptoms and how you can help. Then take it a step further to demonstrate why you and your studio is the best place to get that assistance.

SymptomCauseYour Solution
HeadachesStress Best meditation studio with the most convenient class times
HeadachesClenched jaw Utter relaxation in your yoga class
HeadachesFighting off a cold Detox in your town’s favourite warm yoga session

How do you ensure a potential buyer considers your brand?

As in the examples above, there are many issues that you can resolve for many different clients. Put some time, energy and deliberation into exploring each facet for your client. Give your potential buyer all the information they need to fully understand their problem and the solution.

Using your content to explore the journey alongside the buyer will not only aid them in their consideration efforts, but it will also position you and your brand as an authority in that sphere.

With your knowledge, you’ll be able to best share your content in areas where your client is. Are they on the couch? TV. Are they scrolling Facebook from bed? Are they searching ‘how to relieve stress’ on Google? Are they talking to their dentist about jaw pain? Perhaps a collaboration or ad targeting can help you reach them.

As ever, remind the potential client why you are the solution. Tell them what makes your brand different than others. And don’t be afraid of having people turn away if your solution isn’t one for them by qualifying who your brand won’t work for. You want the best for your client as well as your business, after all.

The Buyer's Journey: Consideration |
The Buyer's Journey: Consideration |

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